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Other Business Funding Options

Other Franchise or Business Funding Options

Fund My Franchise is your One Stop Source” for all your business funding needs. Our experienced team of professionals knows franchising and business capitalization and will consult with you to explore your funding opportunities and help you determine the best option(s) for you. Whether you choose Equity Funding, using our Self-Directed 401(k) allowing an entrepreneur to use retirement monies (401k/IRA) to capitalize a business partially or completely, tax and penalty free from the IRS, and/or traditional Debt Funding, utilizing unsecured lines of credit, Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans, or Asset we are here to help you realize your entrepreneurial dream.


Do you have a longstanding, positive relationship with a local bank? This may be an option but don’t get discouraged if you get rejected. Rather than working with one (local) bank, we have resources for multiple lending sources, so give us a call to assist you with your funding needs.

Government-backed secured loans designed specifically for small businesses to help get their venture up and running quickly. We understand the qualifications needed to obtain SBA backed funding in this current economy.

Franchise Funding At a Glance:

  • Personal Cash Injection of 20%-30%
  • Collateral (up to 100% of loan amount)
  • Credit Scores (680+)
  • Repayment Ability
  • Industry Experience (2-5 years)
  • Business Plan
  • Our SBA team gets results, successful results, with funding taking place within 12-15 weeks rather than 6 months at a local bank.

Franchise & Business Funding Myths:

  • You can’t be single = FALSE
  • You must have collateral = FALSE
  • You can’t have a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure = FALSE
  • You have to be employed = FALSE
  • You must have a certain Net Worth = FALSE
  • SBA Loans take 6 months = FALSE
  • SBA Loans take longer than Conventional Loans = FALSE
  • You must have experience in the same industry = FALSE
  • If your local bank rejects you, don’t give up, contact us!

Book an appointment with Personnel Calendar using SetMore

Book an appointment with Personnel Calendar using SetMore