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Startup Funds at your Fingertips!

Start your business, debt-free with our franchise funding options!

Startup Funds at your Fingertips!

Start your business, debt-free with our franchise funding options!>

Get the funds you need today!

Start your business, debt-free with our franchise funding options!


Start your business quickly and with confidence using our franchise funding options!


Do you need access to cash to get your franchise up and running? We can help your business succeed by obtaining revolving business credit lines on your business’ behalf.

Self Directed 401(K)

The SelfStarter plan is a good option for entrepreneurs seeking readily available funding capital that is interest-free and is also a great source for franchise funding.

401(k) IRA Rollover

Invest your qualifying retirement dollars into your franchise penalty-free and tax-deferred. It’s not a loan. You’re not required to pay it back. Start your business DEBT-FREE & CASH RICH.

SBA Loans

SBA Loans are available up to $5 Million! SBA programs and qualifications vary. We specialize in helping clients navigate their options and select what’s in their best interest.

So what’s the right franchising funding option for me?

Each funding option has its benefits. That’s where we come in! Knowing which option is best suited for you and your business is our specialty. Click the Start Here button for an no-obligation, no-charge consultation with one of our Senior Consultants or call us at (541) 831-0071 today!


Our experienced team of professionals knows franchising and business capitalization and will consult with you to explore your funding opportunities and determine the best option(s) for you. Whether you use our Self-Directed 401(k), allowing an entrepreneur to use qualifying retirement monies to capitalize a business, and/or traditional Debt Funding, utilizing Unsecured Lines of Credit (ULOC) or Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans, we are here to help you realize your entrepreneurial dream. Don’t let bad credit stand in your way. We can help with credit repair.

“80% of businesses that fail do so because they are under capitalized.”


Our Many funding options are tied to credit worthiness. Lenders consider details such as credit score, debt ratio, collateral, and other factors when determining whether or not to lend money. These factors also contribute to lending amounts, terms and more. If you want to do more than just guess – and truly see what a potential lender will see when he or she reviews your credit history – use our Pre-Qualification Assessment Tool by clicking on the image to the right. This is a Soft-Pull and will not affect your credit score in any way.


“From Day One, Tenet Financial Group was a clear favorite for a couple of reasons. First, they stayed in touch on a regular basis. No need for me to chase them down, or play phone tag. They were always available…And now that we have been running the business for a few years, I’d add another large plus. Their assistance in the administration of our 401(k) plan leaves nothing to chance. It’s easy to follow, they provide direction on a regular basis and their on-line tools make the initial implementation and updates in a snap.”

Darryl M.
Beaverton, OR

“After looking at a number of local options for funding my business, it was clear that Tenet Financial Group was the best option. They were more up to date on the regulations, they took care of every step in the process and they made sure I understood what was going to happen next. They were even one step ahead of my accountant. It was one less worry for me, and I could get started running my business knowing that the financial structure of my company was set up correctly.”

Mark M.
Marietta, GA

Given the complexities of IRS regulations related to the use of IRA/401k funds for business acquisition purposes, it was critical that I rely on the professionals at Tenet Financial Group to guide me and my financial team through the process. In addition to the initial purchase transaction, Tenet Financial Group was very diligent in ensuring that my Corporation was properly structured to include the implementation of participation within the plan with my new employees.

Chuck G.
Belton, MO

Fund My Franchise does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice. A client’s decision in regard to these matters should be made after consulting with professionals in each field of expertise. ngs.

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