Personal Loans

Line of Credit

Unsecured Term Loan(s)

Conventional bank loans are not always the right fit for your business. Banks may require a lengthy applications process and documentation, as well as stipulate how the capital is to be spent; or deny applications based on FICO criteria or asset collateralization requirements. Our flexible term loan program is perfect for a start-up or existing businesses that are looking for something more than a conventional bank loan.

We get you the capital you need with minimal paperwork, no asset collateral and fast funding. This loan is structured to provide you a quick influx of capital, to catapult your business to the next level.

Advantages of the Term Loan Program:

• No pre-payment penalty

• Repayment is a fixed monthly payment

• Fixed automated repayment allows for simple repayment and cash flow management

• Not collateralized against fixed assets

• Typical terms are structured between 3-7 years

• Can be used as a bridge loan for conditioned ULOC files.

Basic Underwriting Requirements:

• 660+ FICO

• Minimum credit inquires within the past 6 months

• Limited number of derogatory accounts within 24 months

• Income documentation is typically required.

• Rates average between as low as 6.25%

• For Businesses – minimum 2 years in business and 150k in annual revenue

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Bridge Loan

Most credit applications are declined due to debt to credit ratios being too high. Our solution, a bridge loan to pay our clients credit card balances down or off. Now our clients fit within banks underwriting guidelines in order to gain approvals or even larger approvals.

Benefits to the bridge loan program:

• The lower your credit utilization or usage, the higher your credit score, thus you qualify for more funding and favorable terms.

Same Day Loans

The Same Day Business Loans are unsecured term loans with fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments. No collateral or security is required. It is not a merchant advance, so it's not connected to your credit card receipts and there are no daily withdrawals from your merchant account or bank account.

The application process is simple and fast. Less than perfect credit is OK. You may qualify even if you’ve only been in business for a few months, or if you have an existing loan already out. To keep your interest costs down, you can repay your loan at any time, with no fees or penalties.

Benefits to the Same Day Loan Product:

• Qualify for up to a $250,000 loan

• No pre payment penalties

• Monthly payments, opposed to daily.

• Brand new businesses are accepted

• Build business credit


• Funding application

• Business license

• 2 recent months of business bank statements

• Voided Check

• Drivers License

• Not offered in all states


If you are ready to get started with your Personal Loans then the first step is the credit report.

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